simple, fast spill kit

Use It and

Love It


The all-in-one simple, fast spill kit. There's now no need for different spill kits for different spillages

1. 150ml water

2. Add 2 spoons of Absolute Spill Kit and stir

3. Wait 5 mins and you can turn it upside down, all the water has been absorbed!

       Absorbing different liquids

Removing the need of costly spill kits for different spillages.

Vomit, blood, human waste, acids and alkalise, oil and chemical products,

coffee, water and many other liquids

       For use in different industries

       Offering a number of advantages over current spill kits

Hospitals, dispensaries, doctors surgeries, veterinary clinics, dental practices, laboratories, care homes, hotels, restaurants, public and private transport, factories, schools, aviation industries



Any situation where a liquid spill can occur

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